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I appreciate you all taking time out to visit my gallery. My name is JayDee I am a photographer based in Atlanta GA. I’ve been doing freelance photography since 2011.  I have always had an appreciation of a woman with beautiful feet. I took that passion into photographing ladies feet a few years ago. I diagnosed what I saw, learn and began developing a photogenic eye not just in foot art but in the BDSM lifestyle photography. I discovered sensual photography in 2014 and since I haven’t looked back. I enjoy the aspect of women being free and comfortable in their own skin.


KinkScape defines BDSM fetish photography that intends to visualize artful images of the most exquisitely, erotic, images in the art, class, quality, style, sensuality experience.

KinkScape caters to people who loves, appreciate, and values their fetishes and BDSM lifestyle.

All of my work is taken, edited and presented by Jae Stewy with the consent of the person or persons involved.